A productivity app for Google Chrome™

☑ too many social media accounts to manage
☑ too many tabs open at the same time
☑ too many projects or clients

Chrome Copilot solves that allowing you to create isolated workspaces. Give it a try.

No signup or credit card required

Give your Chrome browser a super power ⚡️

Unlimited isolated workspaces

Create a dedicated workspace for each of your clients, or projects, for your personal browsing, anything you want to keep separated.

Multi login

Stay logged in with different accounts on the same website, GSuite, Notion, Trello, Twitter, Linkedin, etc...

Launch your workspace(s) in one click

Launch the workspaces and websites you need whenever you need in just a click.

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They love Chrome Copilot

Zapier, Phantombuster, Gsuite, Lemlist... I used to switch ten times a day from one account to another. Now I use Chrome Copilot.
Yannick - Growth Hacker
With Chrome Copilot, I created one workspace per customer because they mostly all use the same tools Trello, Jira, Figma, Drive, Apple Developer. I start my day in one click, already logged in to the right accounts.
Francis - Software Developer Freelance
Finally a tool that helps me separate all my companies accounts.
What he would say if he had time to try
Elon Musk - Entrepreneur


What about my privacy?

We do not store any data on our servers, it stays in your browser, keeping your data secure and preserving your privacy in the process.

Who needs Chrome Copilot?

Freelance talents or independent entrepreneurs
Marketing agencies
Media agencies
Communication agencies
and anyone who wants to gain productivity.

Are you like Stationhq or Shift?

We are a native Mac application. We leverage the power of Google Chrome so you don't have to learn another tool.
No learning curve.

How to get my workspace organised?

We encourage creating a workspace per client, customer or project.
Keep your Personal workspace for personal things (bank account, netflix, etc...) and create workspace to isolate your client's social media account and other login, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, Trello, Jira, Figma, anything.

Are workspaces really isolated from others?

Yes absolutely! Everything like bookmarks, history, passwords, extensions, settings are specific to each workspace.
It's indeed a hidden Google Chrome built-in feature. It's called Profiles but we prefer call them Workspaces because they better perform in that field.

What if I am Elon Musk?

Well, suppose you are Elon Musk (!). In your Personal workspace you will log into your personal Twitter/ElonMusk account. Then you will create a Tesla workspace in which you will log in to Twitter/Tesla. A SpaceX workspace where you connect to Twitter/SpaceX. Ok you get it.
At the beginning of the day, open Chrome Copilot, select your Personal + Tesla + SpaceX workspaces, select Twitter, and click Launch. That's it, you are ready to manage 3 twitters accounts in 3 different Google Chrome window.
Of course, this is not limited to Twitter, log in to the any websites you want...